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In 2020, the average American family spent over $13,000 on health insurance – this while we have struggled to deal with soaring costs in our everyday lives. These costs keep families from buying homes, saving money, or taking care of other important issues. Healthcare should not be a make-or-break situation for you. You have a right to healthcare.

This is why Natalie will work to expand Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act to cover more families, childless adults, and low-wage workers. Natalie will fight to lower the price of prescription drugs through government oversight of big pharmaceutical companies and importing prescription drugs from other countries.

We must also expand care to include Mental Health, Dental, and Vision care as standard. These aspects of our health can no longer be afterthoughts.


Millions of Americans are returning to the workforce, but many are working several jobs to keep their heads above water. Millions more continued to work through the COVID-19 pandemic without basic protections for themselves or their families. We asked a hefty price of everyday workers to keep America going while risking themselves, and we should never let that happen again.

This is why Natalie supports and will work to expand the right to join a union, bargain collectively, and give you the ability to provide for yourself, your family, and your future. Natalie will fight to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and index it to the cost of living so its value does not erode over time. Natalie supports legislation to ensure the right to paid sick days, paid family leave, and closes the loophole that allows employers to pay tipped employees less than minimum wage.

Civil Rights

Our communities are full of color, culture, languages, experiences, and identities. It is our diversity that makes America strong and unique. However, the rights for our community to express itself are varied. We have had to fight for our voices and be able to live our true and authentic selves. The fight to make America more equitable and safer for everyone regardless of color, race, sex, gender expression, religion, sexual identity, and history is far from over. We have to continue working on expanding the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans.

Reproductive Freedom

Natalie Jackson will defend the right to an abortion, fight for women’s access to full reproductive health care and support healthy pregnancies. She will defend reproductive rights and privacy, support safe pregnancies, promote equity in access to family planning, increase availability of Plan B and emergency contraception, and invest in critical maternal healthcare.

Climate Change

We are living through the consequences of climate change today and every day. We see it in rising tides, record-breaking heat year after year, and extreme weather conditions becoming regular events. Inaction on climate change endangers all of us and our future generations. Again, we are trading short-term profits for long-term costs, and those bills are coming due now.

That is why Natalie supports renewable energy and conservation efforts to create millions of clean-energy jobs. We will invest in skilled trades to build these next-generation technologies. We will invest in manufacturing and infrastructure to create the materials and equipment needed to produce cleaner and more efficient communities. Natalie supports public investment in renewable energy, paid for by a carbon tax, to generate job growth while reducing carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Democracy & Voting

When people don’t like the results of voting, they attack the right to vote. America was founded on the idea that we, the people, can choose our government. When more Americans raise their voice and cast a ballot – we get a more equitable America. Any effort to make it harder for those voices to be heard is about restricting that equality.

For over 200 years, we have been steadily expanding the right to vote. Amendments and legislation have ensured that we can cast our ballot regardless of race, creed, gender, and economic status. Now that right is under attack in a way not seen in decades. Natalie will fiercely stand against ANY attempt to restrict our right to vote and work to ensure every American can cast their ballot. Natalie supports same-day voter registration, universal vote-by-mail, a public campaign finance system, and the end of partisan gerrymandering.


After decades of boom-bust cycles, we know we must make fundamental changes to our economy and how people participate in our workforce. America must prioritize restoring manufacturing capacity and knowledge, expanding our food production, localizing our supply chains, and investing in our communities.

From education to housing, health care, and quality of life, all these factors contribute to our economic well-being. All are in desperate need of investment and updated policy to reflect the realities of 2022. We cannot succeed when people are food insecure, choosing between healthcare and heat, and living one $500 setback away from disaster. The American economy is the strongest globally, and it’s time that our economy reflects the value we bring to it.

That is why Natalie will fight to create an economy that gives everyone a fair shot at achieving the American Dream, getting the education they need to participate in a modernizing economy, and having the country’s resources to start and maintain small businesses. Natalie understands that our economy is dependent on our public infrastructure, which is why she supports wide-sweeping investments in our highways and bridges, building clean energy infrastructures, and high-speed broadband for every American.


Congress must take action to stop Wall Street and speculators from pricing Americans out of their homes. Soaring property taxes, rentals that far exceed mortgages, and names banks and corporations replacing community investments have made owning a home or finding a rental a crisis. The short-term get rich quick schemes are hurting Americans and destroying our ability to build safe and affordable communities.

Natalie knows that when people don’t feel like they can afford to live in their homes when they face homelessness or eviction, the consequences are acts of desperation that wear on our First Responders and Civil Services. In Congress, Natalie will ensure that Americans aren’t priced out of the American Dream. That is why Natalie supports extending tax benefits to working and middle-class homeowners and expanding the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. She supports permanently funding the National Affordable Housing Trust fund and strengthening the Fair Housing Act.


Companies making billions of dollars in profits and people earning millions of dollars a year pay next to nothing in taxes by skirting rules and finding loopholes. Recent tax cuts lowered the tax burden of the super-wealthy even lower. All while you and your family are paying their fair share.

This is why Natalie supports legislation aimed at removing the loopholes that give billionaires and corporations the ability to skirt their tax burden and create a progressive tax code that better reflects the needs of the people, not the wealthy.


For decades we have sent men and women into combat zones and peacekeeping roles worldwide, and for decades we have failed to keep our promises to them at home. We must look at every aspect of how we meet the needs of our veterans and military families and do better. Housing, pay, health care, transitioning, and job support need to be on the table.

This is why Natalie supports eliminating the VA benefits backlog and fully funding the VA. In addition to that, Natalie supports modernizing the VA’s infrastructure, expanding the VA’s Caregivers Program, and providing increased mental health services for veterans.

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