Hello, my name is Natalie Jackson and I’m your candidate for U.S. Congress in Florida District 10. It is my great honor to run to represent you, your family, and our community. I was born and raised in Central Florida with my mother, Francis, who fought against racial injustices with the NAACP. We both believed in the promise that America made; freedom and equality for all. I took that promise with me when I joined the U.S. Navy which allowed me to go to Hampton University and get the education I needed. I was commissioned as a naval intelligence officer and then assigned to the USS Roosevelt as a part of the first team of women allowed on a combat vessel in 1994. Through my experience and expertise, I was stationed at the Pentagon working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the Department of Defense.

After 9 years of active service, I put myself through law school as a single mother and graduated from the University of Florida. My focus since graduation was singular; be the voice for those who didn’t feel they had one. I represented injury cases for women and children through my firm, the Women’s Trial Group and then went on to stand up to racial injustices right here in Orlando and Central Florida having won cases and changed policy in the Orlando Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. In 2012, I became co-counsel with Attorney Ben Crump in the Trayvon Martin case and continued to work alongside him on the Breonna Taylor case, Andre Hill, and several more. 

The movement that has been built to right the wrongs of our past has inspired me beyond measure. I’ve seen the world come together and demand that the promise America to my mother and her mothers before her be kept; freedom and equality for all. Together, we can make that promise true. We can address the issues and actually make a difference. We can put power back in the hands of the people who built this country. Join me and together, we can make good on America’s promise to us.


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